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China LED Street Light - astao191 - 2019-11-13

Die casting aluminum housing, with tempered glass, finishing: anti-ageing electrostatic spray with RAL colors, IP66,IK09,CLASS II, with 10KV SPD
High quality: Apply MeanWell/Moso driver and Nichia LEDs.
High brightness: The LED luminous efficiency the led we used is:110-120lm/w.The Applied luminous efficiency (After considering the loss cost by through the lens) of the completed light fixture is110lm/w~135lm/w
Dust and snow proof: Adopt smooth die-cast aluminum housing, successfully prevent the dust and snow from acumulating on the housing, thus better heat dissipation and longer life span.
Easy to disassemble and assemble: You can easily open and cover up the housing with your hands, don't need any additional tools. Once there is problem on the driver it is very convenient to change for a new one.
Photocell Available: Lamp will Auto turn on and off according to lux difference.China LED Street Light