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buy Waste Water Treatment Acrylic Acid Ion Exchange Resin - astao191 - 2019-11-13

Our Factory
Zibo Fengjing International Trading Co.,Ltd was agent in ion exchange resin, located in the biggest chemical production area-Shandong Provice, with abundant resources and convenient transportation. At present, it has provide nine series of more than 100 varieties of strong acid, weak acid, strong alkali, weak base and chelation and adsorption resin. It is widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, chlor-alkali, medicine, sugar, food, boiler. Water treatment and other industries.

Our factory backbone enterprise in China's ion exchange resin industry. It is the vice chairman unit of China Ion Exchange Resin Industry Committee.The annual output has reached 50,000 tons, ranking the top in the country. The company has advanced technology and rich experience in the research and development of resin, and established the earliest ion exchange resin research institute in China. Excellent products and perfect services have been widely praised by users at home and abroad. The products are not only sold well throughout the country but also exported to the United States, Europe, Russia, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Our Product
Our product-Ion exchange resin
1. Styrene gel type ion exchange resin
2. Styrene macroporous type ion exchange resin
3. Acrylic acid series type ion exchange resin
4. Mixed bed ion exchange resin
5. Food grade ion exchange resin
6. Chelating ion exchange resin
7. Monosphere ion exchange resin
8. Inert ion exchange resin
9. Fluorine & Arsenic removal ion exchange resin
10. Condensatde water ion exchange resin
11. Furfuryl alcohol ion exchange resin
12. Stevioside ion exchange resin
13. Chromatograph separation ion exchange resin
Product Application
Product Application-Ion exchange resin
The products are widely used for power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electronic, medicine, sugar, food, boiler water treatment industries.
Our Service
Fengjing has excellent and most professional foreign trade team.You will be served with safe and fast order process.Place order to Fengjing and you will find doing foreign trade business and getting the satisfied.
1. Cooperate with research institutions, we strictly control the process from raw material to finished product.
2. The customer comes first, we provide reasonable price, high quality product and prompt shipment.
3. We can send the goods to your delivery address directly. It is relatively safe and fast.
4. Quick and clear response to customers questions.
Warm after sale service, we will help to solve the problems in your usage.
Just let us know whatever you want, we will do all rest things for you!buy Waste Water Treatment Acrylic Acid Ion Exchange Resin